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Bed Bug Heat or Chemical Treatments Serving

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Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

when combined with our residual spray treatment is the ultimate solution for several reasons...

1.  Heat can fill the cracks, crevices, and hiding places in which bed bugs like to hide.

2. A bed bug heat treatment can eliminate up to 90% of all stages (adult bedbugs, juvenile bed bugs, and eggs) all within 1 workday.  What the heat does not kill, our residual pesticides will- we apply product immediately after the heat treatment as well as 2 weeks later to ensure complete and lasting results!

3. The Heat treatment process is very thorough and can penetrate deep inside mattresses, box springs, walls, outlets, couches, recliners, furniture, and other places that bedbugs hide which traditional methods cannot effectively reach.

You may opt to do a heat treatment instead of the traditional chemical method because...

1. Bedbugs hide deep in areas such as baseboards, box springs, bed frames, outlet covers, curtains, window frames, clothes, nightstands etc. 

- In order to effectively eliminate bedbugs with chemical treatments, residual insecticides must be applied by a professional exterminator who performs a thorough inspection before applying treatment.

- Traditional pesticide treatments heavily rely on the technician's inspection process and experience level, as well as the strength of chemicals used, in order to eliminate the problem. 

- Heat treatments rely on hot air movement throughout the home and structure which can penetrate all the areas that a technician may find difficult to inspect.

2. Wait Time / Turn Around: traditional pesticide treatments take time in order to kill the population of bedbugs. 

- Even if the inspection has been done well, and the majority of infested areas have been located, not all bedbugs will die immediately. Traditional pest control methods require the use of residual pesticides, which stay effective for days and weeks after the treatment, in order to kill any remaining pests. 

- The problem with relying on residual pesticides is that bedbugs do not groom themselves like many other insects, which means they may not ingest the pesticide, resulting in a slower, less effective kill ratio.

- Heat treatments speed up the turnaround time for complete results drastically for the customer who anticipates success right away.

3. Bedbug resistance: another challenge which presents itself when applying traditional insecticides to eliminate bedbugs is pesticide resistance. 

- Because bedbugs lay eggs and there can be different generations present, adult bedbugs can build resistant genes to the pesticides which are used against them.

- Over the course of time required to eliminate an infestation of bed bugs with commercial pesticides, these resistant genes can be handed down and strengthened from generation to generation and lead to bedbugs that are almost invincible to insecticides. 

- There is a huge advantage to using heat to kill bed bugs against pesticide resistance!


Guardian Angel Exterminating is proud to offer BOTH the Heat Treatment and the Traditional Pesticide treatment options.  Both options WILL eliminate your bed bug infestation- however the time frame for complete results is different for each treatment option.  

Although heat treatments seem superior because of their quicker initial results - they are not for everyone.  Sometimes there are circumstances when heat is not appropriate for a home- your technician will be able to help guide you in the best treatment option for you!